Welcome to Lego City Wiki! We are glad to have you here! Remember that this is a Wiki, which means anyone can edit. Here are a few things you should read, and once finished with this page, click here.

Browsing Lego City Wiki 

Lego City Wiki contains a huge amount of information on all sorts of Lego City sets. Try browsing them anytime.

You can also search for text in articles. Just go to the "Enter" field to the left, enter your search term and click "search". If your not sure what's it called, but you have the first few letters of it, a tab will pop under the search box. It will give you suggestions starting with those first few letters.

If you read something that you really like, then why not review it? Just scroll down to the bottom of a page, and at the bottom, there will be 5 white/yellow stars. Just click on a star to rank it from 1-5. The star farthest to the right is 5/5 stars, while the star farthest to the left is 1/5 stars. We only allow 1 review per day per user, although we always love to get a little positive feedback.


Anyone can edit pages in Lego City Wiki— even this page! Just click the edit this page link at the top of any page (except for protected pages) if you think it needs any improvement or new information. You don't need anything special; you don't even need to be logged in. If you want to learn more, check out the Wikipedia Tutorial to learn the basic info you should know as a member of our project.

You may find this a bit intimidating at first, but see Lego City Wiki: Content to find out how to make an article.


See Lego City Wiki: Rules.

Don't be discouraged

If you run into conflicts in your first few days into editing, then don't let it get you down. In any collaborative project there are clashes. Have a look at the writers' rules of engagement page as well as the other articles in the tutorial wing below. Use them to help you resolve the problems and learn how to become an active and productive contributor.

And if there's anything you don't understand — be it technical or social — and you're not sure where to look, just post a question on the Wikipedia:help desk, and someone will be happy to help you.

Have fun!

Want to join?

Anyone can edit, but there are advantages to creating an account if you want to contribute regularly. To join, create an account. We always love new users!

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